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Yoga Sun Imports offers everything under the sun you need to practice yoga!

The ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, is believed to have given us the term yoga.  The word in Sanskrit is “yuj” which means yoking (a team of oxen).  Contemporary yoga practitioners interpret this to mean the yoking together of mind, body and spirit. By practicing relaxation techniques to clear the mind and stretching and building strength in the body one is said to achieve the ability to meditate and ultimately achieve the union of mind, body and spirit.  This ancient discipline has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and close to 11 million Americans are benefiting from it now.  Yoga benefits us in many ways.  From better flexibility to just being more relaxed and at ease.  After all, the purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both your mind and your body.

In the physical practice of yoga, referred to as asana, a series of stretches and poses are used to create balance in your body and to develop both strength and flexibility.   What to wear to yoga?  It is important to wear clothing that is both comfortable and breathable.  Your body will be moving in many directions and you want your clothing to move with you.  Our collection of yoga clothing for men and women offers freedom of movement and comfortable, breathable fabrics.  You also want to be sure your yoga clothing doesn’t hamper your movements.  Close fitting clothing is better so your instructor can clearly see your poses and offer insight for improvement.

Our collection of yoga gear will assist you in your practice of yoga.  Towels are used to wipe away sweat or to roll as support for your neck.  Blankets are useful to sit on if you have difficulty sitting on a flat floor or to cover you while lying still if the room is cool for your savasana – the pose for total relaxation.  Blocks and wedges are pieces of sturdy foam that help you with poses and body alignment.  Yoga mats will keep you from slipping and provide padding on hard wood floors.  Straps are used for stretching and holding poses.  Yoga kits are often useful for beginners because they include multiple pieces of yoga gear.

Anyone can practice yoga at any age.  There are many yoga studios or you can choose to practice yoga at home.  Find a yoga video that you like and turn your living room into your own yoga studio where you can practice the union of mind, body and spirit any time you like.  Yoga benefits many people and they find they rely heavily on it for the increased health and spiritual wellness they receive. Yoga jewelry and yoga gifts are perfect for those who find themselves addicted to the practice of yoga

For ultimate meditation and relaxation, be sure to check out our collection of candles, massage oils, bath oils and salts and relaxing music.  Resting your mind and freeing it of stress is important to achieving the union of mind, body and spirit.


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